Bruce Poliquin

Health care

Bruce Poliquin is a liar who lies about his health care record.

A human shield is a person or group of people held near a potential target to deter attack. For example, Bruce Poliquin is using his own family as a human shield to deter attacks on his health care record.

When Bruce puts it like this, we don’t know whether to hug his mom, his dad or his son first - they’re all just so cute and remind us of ours!

Indeed, let’s move Bruce’s family out of the way and focus on our families. And in order to focus on our families - not Bruce’s - we need to get down to the truth about Bruce’s health care vote last May and his overall record on healthcare.

Did Bruce Poliquin vote to remove protections those with pre-existing conditions, on Medicaid or getting up there in age? Let’s get the truth - and to make it interesting - let’s get the truth from a number of different Republican or non-partisan sources. No reporters or liberals allowed - only the Righteous.

What did Republicans who voted against that bill say? Did they believe the bill protected Medicaid participants, older Americans, and Americans with pre-existing conditions?

Republican Source #1 : Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen from Florida said:

“The proposed high risk pools will make it more challenging to cover sick individuals and those with pre-existing conditions.”

Republican Source #2 : Republican Congressman Charlie Dent from Pennsylvania said the bill would “undermine important protections for those living with pre-existing conditions.”

Republican Source #3 :Congressman Ryan Costello said “I pledged to my constituents that protections for those with pre-existing conditions without contingency and affordable access to coverage were benchmarks that needed to be satisfied. I cast a no vote on the legislation today.”

Let’s hear from a few more Republicans. How about some … Republican Senators?

Republican Source #4 : Republican Senator Rob Portman of Ohio said that the health care bill Bruce Poliquin voted for: “does not meet the test of stability” for people who rely on the “safety net” of Medicaid.

Republican Source #5 : Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said that the health care bill Bruce Poliquin voted for “needs to be viewed with suspicion.”

How about another Republican Congressman - Rep. Mark Meadows?

Like Mr. Poliquin, Mr. Meadows voted for the bill- but when it was explained to him that the funding for the “risk pools” in the bill wasn’t nearly enough to cover people with pre-existing conditions, he literally began to cry. We’re gonna go ahead and count those tears as Republican Source #6 .

Republican Source #7 : Donald Trump said that the bill Bruce Poliquin voted for was “mean.”

Bruce Poliquin is complaining about out-of-state groups telling the truth about him. Well, here’s one more out-of-state group:

Non-partisan source #1 : The American Medical Association. They opposed the bill Poliquin voted for because: “Although the MacArthur Amendment states that the ban on preexisting conditions remains intact, this assurance may be illusory as health status underwriting could effectively make coverage completely unaffordable to people with preexisting conditions.”

How could Bruce Poliquin be so wrong about his own record? Any of the lobbyists he was hanging out with could have explained the bill to him. After all, they were writing it.

Congressman Poliquin took donations from:

Republican Source #8 Molly Wilkinson ,

Republican Source #9 Sam Geduldig ,

Republican Source #10 Jerome Steffl ,

Republican Source #11 Darren Willcox , and

Republican Source #12 Jeff MacKinnon .

And all of them lobbied Congress in 2017 to remove protections, raise rates on Americans with pre-existing conditions, raise rates on older Americans, or cut Medicaid. They certainly knew what they were lobbying for. And we know what they were lobbying for because they wrote it down on their lobbyist disclosure forms which are linked above.

So we’ve got President Trump, Republican Congressmen, Republican Senators and Republican lobbyists and some non-partisan doctors - telling us the same thing: Bruce Poliquin voted in favor of a bill that would have allowed insurance companies to raise rates on older people and people with pre-existing conditions to the point of being unaffordable, as well as reducing the Medicaid funds that enabled millions more to get insurance.

Let’s have one more:

Republican Source #13: Bruce Poliquin . There’s a questionnaire from 2018 where Poliquin was asked: “Do you support the repeal of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)?” and Poliquin’s answer is: “Support.”

If Poliquin regretted last year’s vote, he sure got over it quickly.

And that’s why we say that Bruce Poliquin is a liar who lies about his health care record. A liar who uses his own family as a human shield to deflect scrutiny of his health care record.

Shame on you, Congressman Poliquin.

Your mother and father raised you better than this, deserve better than this.

And your son deserves a better example of forthright leadership and personal responsibility.